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What's DOMINATING Your Thoughts?

Ever hear the saying, "What you think about, you bring about?" We have the power to change the narrative of our lives through our thinking.

Our thoughts produce feelings that lead to actions or habits and our actions drive results. If we are not careful, if our actions lead to results that have adverse consequences.

So, how do we stay on top and DOMINATE our thoughts?

  1. Make a new conversation. Remind yourself that you are in the process of becoming a champion! Yesterday happened, own it but it doesn't matter as much today. Your future isn't hung up on the bad decisions or thoughts of yesterday.

  2. Do not compare yourself to others. We may have common threads but we are all on a different journey. We each have a specific purpose to fulfill in the earth.

  3. Focus on your path. Stay in your lane, keep your eye on the prize and move toward it daily. For a season, give up tv, social media, spending hours on the phone or any other time hog that is not getting you closer to your goal.

  4. Realize you will experience some disappointments. The key is, how you process those disappointments. Change your perspective...every piece of the journey can be used as a learning experience. You are an overcomer...DOMINATE your challenges.

  5. Never give up on your vision. If you see it and believe it, you can achieve it. You may not know all of the pieces at once and that's okay. Work with what you do know, engage your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses.

It's you and God writing the script for your life. He has planned your destiny but your arrival is up to you! You can play VICTIM or VICTOR...they both start out the same...the role you play and doing your part is up to you! The bible tells us, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

DOMINATE your thoughts...what you feed will grow. Starve negative thinking and load up on positive rebuttals.

I am enough

I can do it

I will succeed

I do have joy

I am blessed...beyond measure!

See how just saying that little short list makes you feel better?

Keep it going. Write out a list of 5 positive declarations daily. Trash your bathroom mirror, office or gym locker and take time to say them aloud. No worries if you find yourself wanting to slip in one of your challenges, just flip it because you've got this!

Change your thoughts; manage your emotions; monitor your actions; change the narrative...DOMINATE in life!

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