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Dominator of the Week: Will Larkin

Will Larkin isn't new to the game, he has been true to the game!

For the second year consecutive year, Will has been recognized by Dee Divine CEO as the top fashion designer in the Chicagoland area. Over the past 15 years, he has gone from selling heat press transfer t-shirts out of the trunk of his car at a flea market to receiving the prestigious honor of being the best in the city.

Early on, Will found himself taking apart garments to see how they were made. Before long, he purchased himself a sewing machine. Tired of spending big bucks on contractors, he decided to save some money and take a bet on himself.

Without any formal training at all, Will got busy! The first item he designed was a male button up shirt, followed by a long denim dress. He stayed in the lane of clothing for about five years before he ventured out and started making outerwear.

Self motivated, Will invested in himself and sharpened his God given skills. He realized that there were not any fashion role models willing to help show the way neither were there any fashion designers who looked like him doing anything close to what he wanted to do, so that pushed him to go hard and continue to produce a product that would stand out.

Larkin believes that he creates timeless collections that are appealing to all ages. He says the only qualification you need to rock his gear is SWAG. Shout out to male models...he's looking for you! Hit him up on Facebook at Willie Larkin and let him know you're interested.

Serious inquiries only!

Will is not only a self taught fashion designer, has been an electrical engineer for the railroad for over 10 years and a family man. He describes his lovely wife as his biggest cheerleader AND his biggest critic, not allowing him to release an inferior product. HIs children, of which he has two, work by his side often and have expressed their desire of starting their own businesses in the fashion industry. He's excited about that, as they are both extremely creative and driven. I guess, it's a Larkin Thang!

Will understands the importance of supporting black businesses so when he is not rocking his own creations, he doesn't mind supporting others. We, at Dominate Productions, appreciate his willingness to collaborate and further awareness of our brand.

Coming up....check out the Larkin line during New York Fashion Week in September (6-14)! He will be one of the featured designers and a vendor on site.

"Chase your dreams until you can live your dreams. I am living my dreams."

~Will Larkin


Will Larkin (far right)

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