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Dominating Your Fears

What would you do if you knew it was impossible to fail?

Whatever that thing is, take a moment to get it in your mind.

Meanwhile, think about some of the things we do without question and expect them not to fail us:

  • Sitting in a chair – at what point do we question if that chair will hold us? Typically, we don’t, not even a thought.

  • Driving your car on fumes – 12 miles to empty on the dashboard and we’re banking on it! The manufacturer is perfect right?

  • Here's a big one...gravity - We expect our feet to be planted firmly on the ground when we get up and that we will not float away.

Even babies are conditioned to trust that if they are about to fall, mommy or daddy will be there to catch them.

So why do we hesitate to go after what we see clearly in our minds; when there is a clear plan for it and we even know how we will execute said plan. Not to mention, we know that it will feel amazing once we achieve it?

Why not go “all in” for it?

One word, one thing…FEAR.

We’ve heard the acronym for fear right?

False Evidence Appearing Real...

Let’s go back…

If there was any doubt that the chair wouldn’t hold you, you would sit in it carefully or you wouldn’t sit in it at all because you would fear that you will fall.

If you had a fear of running out of gas, you would never drive that close to empty for fear of being stranded.

Once that baby/toddler falls because mommy or daddy was not there to catch them, instantly they develop…fear!

So would you say “fear” is a learned behavior?

I would.

One of the best ways to deal with your fears is to confront them. Go do the thing that you fear. Many people have a bucket list of things such as sky diving, zip lining or even something as simple of singing karaoke. Go do it!

Some fears are bigger than you. Instead of allowing fear to paralyze you, remind yourself that so many others are attached to you moving forward, past that fear. If you are able to conquer your fears, you will discover that you are unstoppable.

You were created to dominate, conquer,'ve got this. Nothing is too hard for you and as a child of God, the Lord told us, "Fear not, for I am with you." That's your "assurance" policy to conquer your fears!

Let's go....

Dr. P, Founder of Dominate Productions skydiving

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