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Dominating Isolation: Alone Together

No matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, being on lockdown gets old for us all. At one point or another, we have wished for one more day on the weekend; a few more days of vacation; or just some mental health days for "me time." Here it is, we all find ourselves being asked to stay home for weeks and prayerfully not months.

The first couple days, although still challenging for some, were not that bad. Sleep in a little longer to work from home; home schooling complete with recess, snacks and projects and binge watching our favorite shows.

But got real!

We realized we were not doing these things by choice but rather by force. Across the country millions of people are being encouraged to stay put, like it or not. Some are blessed enough to continue working while doing so and can expect some form of pay. Others are struggling to stay in place as their income has been cut off causing yet a whole other set of issues.

Although we are all in this together, I am writing this with those who live alone in mind.

There are some things you can do!

1. Schedule a video chat on Zoom with friends and/or family around the world. Think about those people that you have been "meaning to call." Spruce yourself up for it and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones with a virtual toast!

2. Work on a project you never seemed to have time to complete. Start writing that book, think through your business plan, or take your craft to the next level by learning something new.

3. Learn something fun! Google ideas and watch YouTube videos, comb through Pinterest and DIY yourself some money and learn how to coupon!

4. Sharpen your cooking skills. I pray that this is not a time that we are consuming an excessive amount of processed foods. That would be tragic. We have extra time on our hands, try some simple recipes or find some new ones to add a twist to culinary skills.

5. Clean up!! Remember back in the day when spring break was referred to as "clean up week?" Let's get it! Clean out the junk drawer(s), closet, garage and any other clutter you've been collecting. Throw out all of that meaningless mail and thin out your files. Sweep down the spider webs and clean your windows, vinegar and water works miracles. When you finish, take some time to enjoy your patio, deck, balcony, porch or backyard.

6. Exercise...move that body, no excuses. Believe me, I know it's tough without the gym but crunches, push ups and a lil cardio never get old. There are plenty of exercise videos you can tap into as well. We will get through this and summer is coming.

7. Plant those flowers and crops. The bible tells us that there a season for everything under the sun. Use this time to plant or give some TLC to existing flowers. Clean out the weeds so that they can thrive. Work in your garden, harvest time is coming but only if you prepare for it, At the very least, try your hand at a tomato plant. The fresh air will do you good.

8. Take a drive...just ride. If you can walk or run without risking running into or contributing to crowds...go for it! While you are out, think about someone you can serve safely.

9. Pump up the music! Music can change your mood in an instant. Throw an old school party with some favorites like Al Green, Issac Hayes and the Isley Brothers giving homage to when lyrics had meaning, Turn up some worship music to take you into His presence or some good ole dance music so that you can dance like no one is watching.

10. Pray...if there was ever a time that we should abide by the words, "pray without ceasing" that time is now. Schedule a time and set aside a special place to meet with the Father. Cry out to Him like never before and ask Him to heal our land.

No matter what, do not:

Sleep your days away

Fall into depression or feel alone

Becoming complacent with not moving around

Be not dismayed, we will gather again...have picnics, attend concerts and celebrate milestones in person. As I mentioned earlier, there is a time and a season for everything under the sun. This is a time of weeping and mourning, yet God woke you up this morning. Take one day at a time, approach it with a thankful heart and know, this too shall pass...

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