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Dominating In Your Relationships

In this case, I do not necessarily mean that you have to be the dominant party in the relationship but more so, the person to foster healthy, positive, and civil relationships.

However in marriage, the husband is to be the head or the dominant party and ladies, I can see the tone of voice on your faces from here. But again, that's another show, just a little nugget for thought. Hey, don't shoot the messenger. You can study it for yourself in Ephesians 5:22-25

Back to today's topic...

Life is filled with various types of relationships: friendly relationships, work relationships, business relationships and of course, romantic relationships. Dominating in your relationships can be tough. With so much negativity in the world today, make it your business to make things better. The power of one goes a long way. Don't get on the bandwagon of "every one else is doing it" or "no one else cares". The words of Michelle Obama come to mind, "When they go low, we go high" always....

Be known as:

  • The Peace Maker

  • The Level Headed One

  • Someone's Moral Compass

  • The Voice of Reason

  • A loyal friend

Not known as:

  • The Trouble Maker

  • Negative Nelson/Nelly

  • The Young or Old and Reckless

  • The Petty One

  • Flaky

What Healthy Relationships Look Like

  1. Facilitate good communication

  2. Allow you to be yourself, fully

  3. Judgement free zone

  4. Mutual respect, trust, honesty and values

  5. Supportive, allowing AND comfortable with each other flowing in the other's gifts/calling

What Unhealthy Relationships Look Like

  1. Often manipulative and controlling, even isolating

  2. Sometimes verbally, mentally, physically and/or sexually abusive

  3. One sided with one person feeling neglected or undervalued

  4. Lack trust, fairness and equality

  5. No time set aside to focus on the relationship

Be intentional and committed about fostering healthy relationships. You can DOMINATE

alone in life but the synergy you gain from collaborating with others is invaluable. Keep in mind, "relationship goals" is not just a pretty picture. It takes work, commitment, forgiveness and so much more.

In today's times, we want everything FAST and when that doesn't happen, we jump to conclusions. Slow down...give people the benefit of the doubt...savor stolen moments together and enjoy the ride!


Best Friends

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