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Dominating Fear

Often times, we develop fear of the unknown...well, nothing has ever been more "unknown" than the times we are living in today. Just a few short months ago, we were out here living our best lives. If you live in the Chicago area, we were even experiencing a relatively mild winter.

Life was good!

Then EVERYTHING changed, all around the world...China, Italy, Spain, the United

States...! This "invisible enemy" was attacking the earth. A virus that could not be seen was seemingly taking over and taking lives with it.

As the details initially rolled out, it was thought that the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions were the most susceptible. Therefore, younger people were feeling sort of invincible and going on about living their best lives...taking Spring Break trips, hanging out at bars and on the beach.

Until....we heard of several cases of 20 and 30 year olds falling victim to the disease with no KNOWN pre-existing conditions. Not long after that, the world started losing babies and children. Oh my God, Jesus help us.

Before long, we find ourselves practicing social distancing and shelter in place. Restaurants, salons, barber shops and other non-essential businesses forced to shut their doors overnight.

Never in our lifetime have we seen anything like it. We are all running, ducking and dodging a deadly enemy that we can't see.

Never could we have imagined being afraid of going to the grocery store or pharmacy.

Never could we imagine empty city streets, railways and airways.

Never could we imagine staying away from loved ones because we may be an asymptomatic carrier, unknowingly.

Never could we imagine not being able to visit our hospitalized family member or friend

Never could we imagine not having a proper homegoing celebration because it's not safe to gather.

But guess who knew, God knew!

I would not dare suggest that He caused this pandemic but He certainly allowed it. We must remember He is in control of ALL things. Just as this came on suddenly, He can also call it to cease in whatever way He chooses. We have to believe that.

There is no better way to dominate your fears than to stay in your Word. Do not spend all day listening to global news or even local news. Stay informed but do not get overloaded with media reporting.

Instead, pray from your heart, expressing your concerns and recalling God's promises. Read Psalm 91 daily, day and night. It will empower you and remind you that YOU ARE COVERED!! Reflect on past victories, all that God has brought you through. There has been trouble all around you before and He kept you.

This is not a license to go out and be reckless. Be obedient to the laws of the land. Make smart choices. Cease all non-essential movement and contact. You wished the weekend would last forever, now you have extended time. This too shall pass...

In the meantime, remember you are not in this alone, we are alone together. We will get through this...stay informed, operate in wisdom, speak God's Word boldly and believe it. Dominate your fear as He did not give us the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind...go in peace.

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