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Dominating Cabin Fever

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

I can hear you screaming from here but only after I am done screaming!

What is this, day 56?

I promise you that March had 42 days in it alone. For the most part, I am a homebody but with a lot off stuff to do. I get my hair cut weekly and my beard is in dire need of professional care. Take a look at my before and after picture below...


However, I can not allow my transformation from man to wolf to push me over the edge. I have to stay at home. Y'all pray for me and all of my brothers.

So I am right there with you going stir crazy! Tempted to eat too much, every day feels like the same day and I'm spending way too much time on social media! I honestly don't think I can take another "Don't Rush" video no matter how good it is.

I shared some things we can do during this time of shelter on place in my last blog, Dominating Isolation: Alone Together. I know I am not alone in this and many of us are really struggling.

This is beyond traditional "winter cabin fever." If we decide to go out and mix and mingle, we could actually lose our lives.

Too big of a risk...

In my quest to find other things to entertain myself, I've come up with some other ideas from my conversations and scrolling.

1. Super easy, make an honest Facebook status...I am NOT ok, how are y'all doing or what are you doing to cope? A simple post like this will create more engagement than you realize and may actually be the platform for MORE ideas of things to do.

2. something with all those old pictures that are no longer sticking in your photo albums as well as those that never quit made it into one. Take some time to separate the photos by year, theme, etc. If you have a family at home with you, make it a family project. Take some time to go down memory lane and share stories about your family's history.

3. Turn up at Club Quarantine! DJ Nice and others have been going IN for the last several weeks. Popular artists like Kem and Anthony Hamilton have also put on free online concerts during this time. Find your favorite genre, stream it on your smart tv and enjoy the moment.

4. Rearrange your furniture. Revitalize your bedroom or favorite living space by changing it around! Change your focal point, add more of the things you love and create a "new" atmosphere in your same ole space.

If you must get out, take a brisk walk or run. I went out for a quick run with my daughter on Easter Sunday and that was pretty cool. I have been getting out to run alone also and I recommend it...a brisk walk or run around your neighborhood or neighboring trial.

You can also volunteer at a food depository. Grab your gloves, grab your mask and go help out in the community. Be wise and follow all of the precautionary measures.

The truth is folks, we really don't have a choice. There are too many risks involved if we do not stay in place. My prayer is that we use this time to get closer to our families, mend worthy broken relationships and spend some time in introspect. Try to create a little fun along the way. If you have small children or even teens, tap into their talents and have them create/perform a skit, write a song, start a book or do something artsy.

Most importantly...Stay strong!

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