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Dominate Difficulties

Have you ever had to deal with those times in life when Murphy’s Law seems to have

taken control?

For instance...

Your lawn mower stops working just when you are finish mowing a fraction of

your front yard.

The very next day your microwave makes a few unfamiliar beeps, the lights on

the control panel go out and it does not work again.

You return home to find that the brand-new screen door, that you just installed a few days ago has the glass portion shattered and there is no evidence of who did it.

Life is filled with challenges that you have to face. They usually present themselves, for

some, during a time when everything is going well. Then, in the blink of an eye, you feel like you

are drowning under the weight of things that are happening. Sometimes these challenges

present themselves when you are already overwhelmed by other challenges. The addition of

these could, you feel, could break your spirit and your bank account in a drastic way. I’m here

to tell you, you can make it through.

When you are dealing with difficulties in life, first and foremost, hold on to your faith

and know that God will see you through everything. We tend to forget, during times of stress,

the things that are already programmed into our minds and spirits. This is when we need to

remind ourselves regularly of the promises that God made to us. It is also good to surround

yourself with people who can help to remind you of your strength that you have, through God,

to get through the struggle.

Beyond your faith, remember to do your work:

 Tackle one issue at a time. It is tough to resolve everything at one time.

Resolving one issue at a time allows you to complete the tasks to recovery


 Breathe. Depending on what is going on and how much you are having to deal

with, your mind tends to make you think that your success is impossible. You can

succeed! Breathe, refocus, conquer!

 Keep written lists of the tasks you need to complete for each challenge. When

you go over in your head the tasks you need to complete it can cause you to

build stress because you may forget some things. Written lists will help to clear

you mind allowing you to focus your energy in a more positive manner.

Remember, you are a conquerer and you can do all things through Christ…(Philippians 4:13)

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